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Highlands Collection

Modern. Tapered. Light. Featuring design elements from Charles Rennie Mackintosh of carved motifs and pierced slats, all crafted in solid wood with hand-rubbed finishes. Sustainable made in Central New York, using time honored Stickley construction techniques. With Stickley’s Highlands Collection you will find something beautiful for every room in your home.

Highlands Bed

952 Highlands Bed

Highlands Pierced Slat Bed

955 Highlands Pierced Slat Bed

Highlands Master Dresser

956 Highlands Master Dresser

Highlands 3-Drawer Night Stand

958 Highlands 3-Drawer Night Stand

Highlands Door Night Stand

959 Highlands Door Night Stand

Highlands Low Armoire

957 Highlands Low Armoire

Highlands Master Chest

954 Highlands Master Chest

Highlands Bench

951 Highlands Bench

Highlands Mirror

950 Highlands Mirror

Highlands Chest

988 Highlands Chest

Highlands Sofa

9800-88 Highlands Sofa

Highlands Loveseat

9800-61 Highlands Loveseat

Highlands Chair

9800-CH Highlands Chair

Highlands Chair (High Back)

9800-CH-HB Highlands High Back Chair

Highlands Ottoman

9800-OT Highlands Ottoman

Highlands Sectional

9800 Highlands Sectional

Highlands Recliner

989-RL Highlands Recliner

Highlands Cocktail Table

980 Highlands Cocktail Table

Highlands Oval End Table

983 Highlands Oval End Table

Highlands End Table

984 Highlands End Table

Highlands Console Table

986 Highlands Console Table

Highlands Cocktail Ottoman

9800-COT Highlands Cocktail Ottoman

Highlands Round Cocktail Table

982 Highlands Round Cocktail Table

Highlands Square Cocktail Table

981 Highlands Square Cocktail Table

Highlands Tabouret

987 Highlands Tabouret

Stickley Mission Collection

Stickley Mission Collection

Harvey Ellis Collection

Harvey Ellis Collection

Park Slope Collection

Park Slope Collection

Walnut Grove Collection

Walnut Grove Collection

Stickley Leopold Chair

Stickley Leopold Chair

Stickley Collector

Stickley Collector

Pasadena Bungalow Collection

Pasadena Bungalow Collection

Stickley Mission Lamps

Stickley Mission Lamps


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