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To The Trade

Our job is to make you look good!

How would you like to have an assistant who is efficient, competent, and has 70 years of experience in a constantly changing business environment? Can you imagine not having to constantly follow-up with phone calls and emails to check status on items? We take care of that for you. That’s what our To-The-Trade Partners have always enjoyed when they work with Noriega Furniture

Once you are registered with us, we become your single-stop resource to many of the top lines in the country. We purchase directly from over 100 manufacturers of furniture, lighting, upholstery & accessories. That means a greater savings for you (in most cases better pricing than conventional to-the-trade showrooms) and an easier one-stop experience that eliminates the hassles of coordinating through multiple showrooms.

Of course we understand every designer works differently and not every job is the same. You’ll be impressed with out flexibility to tailor each experience to your specific needs. And if you are not quite sure what your client is after, feel free to consult us and let us do the research for you!
We offer receiving, inspection, deluxing* and blanket-wrap, in-home delivery.

First-time orders and orders under $5,000.00 require payment in full at the time of order placement. All other scenarios are reviewed on a case-to case basis.

*Deluxing consists of examining each item to ensure proper function of doors, drawers, removal of packing marks and minor touch-up of raw edges and small dents