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Do I need an appointment?
No. We encourage everyone to stop in to see the types and quality of furniture we feature. Of course, if the scope of your project is larger, it might be a good idea to call in advance so we can make sure you’ll have our undivided attention.
Can you come to my home?
Of course. We do in-home consultations regularly throughout the Bay Area. There is usually a nominal cost involved that is typically used as a down-payment on your first purchase.
I am interested in a vendor not listed on your site. Do you have access to it?
We have access to many vendors that we do not list. Please inquire!
Can you make custom furniture?
Do you do re-upholstery?
Yes. While re-upholstery is never an inexpensive endeavor, you will always have more choices and more control over the finished product.
Do you do refinishing?
Yes. In most instances, this is not a cost-saving measure. We recommend it to those who have the best quality heirloom furniture.
Do you do drapery/window coverings?
Do you do wall to wall carpeting?
Yes. We have a selection of the finest quality carpet available.
Do you make custom area rugs?
Yes. We have access to patterned and solid rugs that can be done in almost any size.
Do you offer interior design services?
What if I don’t see what I want online or in the catalog?
We have many manufacturers and craftspeople then make custom furniture or slight changes to pieces to fit your needs.
Can I order by telephone/online?
Telephone-yes. And of course much of our business is conducted via email with our clients. But we do not have an e-commerce portal.
Do I need to take measurements prior to placing an order?
It’s usually a good idea to bring as much information as you can. That will help us determine whether or not there might be any delivery challenges.
What methods of payment do you accept?
We accept cash, checks, debit cards, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, EFT can be arranged for overseas purchases.
Will tax be charged on my order?
Taxes are calculated based on the laws and regulations of the order’s shipping address. Each city/county/state has different laws regarding the taxation of merchandise well as freight and handling.
How much is required for a deposit upon ordering?
Typically we require 50% of the order total.
How can I check status of my order?
Call or email your sales associate! We’ll happily contact the suppliers on your behalf.
Where do you deliver?
We deliver throughout the entire United States, including AK and HI. We also deliver internationally.
When do you deliver?
Monday- Friday, except certain holidays. Certain Bay Area locations have dedicated delivery days. Please inquire.
Will the delivery men remove their shoes or wear booties during delivery?
No. Liability issues prevent them from removing their shoes or wearing over-shoe protection.
What if the furniture doesn’t fit?
We encourage everyone to take measurements and provide them to us so that we can help avoid this situation. If, for any reason you are unsure if an item will fit through a doorway or up a stair way, etc. let us know. We can help you determine that before you place your order. Special orders are not returnable!
What if I don’t like what I purchased?
Special orders are not subject to return or cancellation, so we encourage you to engage our knowledgeable staff to help you make the right decisions!
What if the furniture arrives damaged?
We unpack and inspect everything prior to delivery. Any minor issues are addressed at our service center. If on the rare occasion something is damaged during the delivery process we encourage you to contact your sales associate immediately. Many minor issues can be solved quickly and easily.
Can you store my new furniture if I am not ready for delivery?
If you advise us at the time of the order, we can usually accommodate this request. However, we will request payment in full when the furniture arrives at our warehouse. Storing furniture for longer than 30 days may incur a storage fee.
Can you take away my old furniture?
Yes. There is a charge. The charge is based upon the size, access (stairs, second floor, number of people needed) and amount of furniture being taken away. Contact your sales associate for details.
Do you offer layaway?
Do you offer financing?
Do you work with the trade?
Yes. Please inquire for details.
Do you purchase used furniture or antiques?
No. We recommend contacting a consignment shop or antique store.


Is veneer bad?
Veneer is a process in which very thin sheets of highly prized and exotic woods are applied onto a wood core. If done correctly (5-7 ply, alternating in a crisscross pattern) a piece of veneered furniture will last as long as solid wood furniture. However, just like anything else, if done incorrectly it can result in problems. In lower quality furniture, veneers are used over particle board or synthetics as a cost-saving measure. In this instance, veneer is bad!
What are those dark spots and indentations on my solid cherry furniture?
Those are sap pockets. They are naturally occurring in wild black cherry lumber. They are not a sign of defect or poor quality. Any natural material will have characteristics that include variations. Aficionados of cherry furniture find these qualities desirable.
Why doesn’t the finish on my new furniture match my existing pieces?
Because wood is a natural material, it will always take stains differently. Also, many wood species such as cherry will darken over time. And light exposure will definitely affect the finish of your fine furniture. If an exact match is desired, please advise your sales associate. Many manufacturers will custom match finishes for an additional charge.
Are the dimensions listed online and in the catalog accurate?
The dimensions displayed are approximate. Therefore, because furniture is hand crafted, these dimensions can vary up to two inches. Please do not assume that a style will always have the exact measurements shown. If a style you have chosen needs to fit a limited space or has specific needs, please contact us to ensure a proper fit.
What wood is harder?
Many factors determine the hardness of wood, but here’s a good list from hardest to softest: Ash White Oak Cherry Teak Red Oak Maple Mahogany Pine
Prop 65
Some furniture products can expose you to chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm. Please check the product label for warning information.