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Design Your Own

Sometimes you just need something special! While we have access to hundreds of manufacturers that produce the finest quality home furnishings and the most fashionable styles, there are times when you need a certain size or look that makes the furniture uniquely yours.

With our Chateau Collection, we’ll help you design the perfect custom sofa, chair or sectional that fits your home and your lifestyle. We’ll also find the right fabrics to create an environment that is both inviting and practical.

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After years of Bay Area-based design work, we recognize that many of the homes and apartments here present special challenges. Whether you need a 15 foot long dining table or a small console table that is only 8 inches deep for you entry, there’s no need to worry! We take the stress out of the process to help you with an elegant solution. Once we determine your size requirements, we can then explore style options. Next we’ll help you choose the best wood species and finish to create a one-of-a-kind, functional piece of art that will bring you years of use.  For more information click here.


While there is nothing like high-quality lumber and beautiful wood finishes to enhance your home or office, sometimes your space needs a little something different, something lighter. Consider a beautiful metal table that can be combined with wood, glass, or exotic surfaces to really set your room apart. The advantage of metal is that it can easily be crafted to any size, scale and style and finished to your specifications.