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Stickley 2022 Collector Edition

2022 Collector Edition Meadowflower Cabinet

The 2022 Collector Edition Meadowflower Cabinet is a versatile, multi-room piece that provides storage and a functional surface wherever you need it. A brand-new Stickley design crafted of solid white oak, it’s a fresh spin on Mission style, featuring a raised top that doubles its surface area, an adjustable shelf behind two doors, and striking inlays in the style of Harvey Ellis but drawn with a beautiful modern touch. The clean, elegant Meadowflower Cabinet is easy to imagine as an end table, bedside table, entry cabinet, coffee station, and much more.

2022 Console


Mission with a Message

The Meadowflower Cabinet sends a subtle message through its inlay design. Floriography, the practice of assigning meaning to flowers and plants, was popular in Victorian England when the Arts and Crafts movement was dawning, inspiring William Morris and other designers. Each species of flower stands for a sentiment and combines with others for more complex messages. Fittingly, the Meadowflower Cabinet’s stylized arrangement of cornflower and mint expresses “comfort in difficult times”, while the 22 points on the flowers symbolize the year.



Suggested Finishes

The cabinet can be customized in any of our hand-rubbed Stickley oak finishes. Here are five that we recommend!

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