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Sliding Door TV Console

Perfect for supporting flat screen televisions, this console contains three sliding doors with butterfly joinery panels. The doors can be crafted of a combination of wood, glass or speaker grill doors. See below for options.
Available in solid oak. Als.
Available: 89-1151-GGG (Glass, Glass, Glass)
89-1151-GSG (Glass, Speaker Grill, Glass)
89-1151-GWG (Glass, Wood, Glass)
89-1151-SSS (Speaker Grill, Speaker Grill, Speaker Grill)
89-1151-SGS (Speaker Grill, Glass, Speaker Grill)
89-1151-SWS (Speaker Grill, Wood, Speaker Grill)
89-1151-WWW (Wood, Wood, Wood)
89-1151-WGW (Wood, Glass, Wood)
89-1151-WSW (Wood, Speaker Grill, Wood)
Product Code: 89-1151
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