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About Us

Since 1948 Noriega Furniture has always focused on quality. What began as a small neighborhood appliance and furniture store was nurtured by owner Jerry Vorperian to become one of the Bay Area’s foremost purveyors of high-end home furnishings and design.

Jerry’s son and second – generation owner, Michael Vorperian has tirelessly continued his father’s quest for beautiful, well-made items that will stand the test of time.

Selling Stickley since 1976, Noriega Furniture was the first store in Northern California to introduce the re-issue of the Craftsman reproductions of the late 1980s. And now Noriega Furniture is the oldest Stickley dealer in California.

Noriega Furniture’s goal is to provide excellent quality and design expertise along with information in an intelligent and professional manner. We take pride in our long list of return customers and client referrals. We work tirelessly to uphold our stellar reputation with our clients and within the design community.

Noriega Furniture is built on the premise that we all should be surrounded by beauty. The home should be the place that rejuvenates and inspires us each and every day.

2018 marked our
70th Anniversary!

We would like to thank our valued customers for their continued support and helping us spread the word about our services.