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Taj Kashan Navy


Taj Kashan – Navy is a wool Indian rug. The design is from the Persian region of Kashan but is hand- knotted in Varanasi, India. Varanasi is a city of temples and for more than 2,500 years it has attracted pilgrims from near and far. According to Hindu belief, Varanasi is the cosmic center of the Universe. Taj Kashan - Navy is a very fine rug with a knot count of approximately 200 knots per square inch. This leaf and tendril pattern is often associated to the Shah Abbas, one of the most celebrated of the Mughal Kings. The pile is exceptionally deep on this magnificent rug and the surface has a beautiful sheen or luster. 

RU-3820-4X6 Taj Kashan Navy 4’ x 6’ 

RU-3820-6X9 Taj Kashan Navy 6’ x 9’ 

RU-3820-8X10 Taj Kashan Navy 8’ x 10’ 

RU-3820-9X12 Taj Kashan Navy 9’ x 12’ 

RU-3820-10X14 Taj Kashan Navy 10’ x 14’ 

RU-3820-8R Taj Kashan Navy 2’ 9” x 8’ 

RU-3820-10R Taj Kashan Navy 2’ 9” x 10’ 

RU-3820-12R Taj Kashan Navy 2’ 9” x 12’ 

RU-3820-SP Taj Kashan Navy Custom Size* 

Product Code: RU-3820
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