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English Arts & Crafts is a hand-knotted carpet from Pakistan. This tightly knotted carpet is done as a 16/16 quality resulting in a knot count of 256 hand-tied knots per square inch. Inspired by the work of William Morris, the 19th century poet, politician, and designer, English Arts & Crafts displays a fresh palette of color and gracefully stylized imagery based on English field and garden flowers. Hand knotted by master weavers around the city of Lahore, this magnificent rug enhances traditional as well as Arts and Crafts interiors.

RU-1920 - 4X6

RU-1920 - 6X9

RU-1920 - 8X10

RU-1920 - 9X12

RU-1920 - 10X14

Product Code: RU-1920
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