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Anatolia Rust


Anatolia Rust is a hand-knotted wool Indian rug. Its name is taken from what is present day Turkey. Rug weaving in this region dates as far back as 1272 when Marco Polo made a trip through Anatolia and commented on the fineness of the rugs. They were characterized by rich colors, warm tones and extraordinary geometric patterns. Anatolia Rust will work perfectly with any of Stickley’s collections, particularly Mission and Craftsman Leather.

RU-4000-4X6 Anatolia Rust 4’ x 6’ 

RU-4000-6X9 Anatolia Rust 6’ x 9’ 

RU-4000-8X10 Anatolia Rust 8’ x 10’ 

RU-4000-9X12 Anatolia Rust 9’ x 12’ 

RU-4000-10X14 Anatolia Rust 10’ x 14’ 

RU-4000-8R Anatolia Rust 2’ 9” x 8’ 

RU-4000-10R Anatolia Rust 2’ 9” x 10’ 

RU-4000-12R Anatolia Rust 2’ 9” x 12’ 

RU-4000-SP Anatolia Rust Custom Size* 

Product Code: RU-4000
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